Twenty-five years ago, our Managing Director, Mark Taylor, had a vision to establish a business that focussed on much more than the bricks and mortar of building, something that embodied values that go beyond the physical structure itself.

Listening to the client’s vision and delivering spaces that centralise the end user are what makes Taylor unique. It is about genuinely connecting people to the spaces created for them. Ultimately, we make sure we know what success looks like for our clients so that we can deliver authentic, high quality solutions that fulfil their vision.

Taylor is built on the idea of investing in strong and stable relationships with not only our clients, but our suppliers, our subcontractors and our people. This attitude is upheld throughout the company and, by putting our clients’ needs first and getting to know who we are partnering with, we can add more value than simply delivering what is asked. We are very much a people-centric and service-based industry, so ensuring the right people are delivering a service is key.

The steady growth of Taylor is the result of strong partnerships and being selective about the projects that we take on. As a result, we’re very proud that more than 65% of our projects come from repeat business. Ultimately, our client relationships are a reflection of our people and our client-centric values.

Every project comes with its own unique purpose and set of challenges and we approach each in a very bespoke and individual way. Within the business we have a Value Management team, an initiative unique to Taylor, that allows us to bring together our brightest people to deliver progressive design, cost, services and construction innovations for our clients.

Our project objectives include sharing information, implementing our expertise in identifying opportunities for innovation and value-add, fostering cooperative relationships, and identifying risk and mitigation strategies to limit client exposure. We value our clients’ trust above all.

Our teams use their knowledge to put people and spaces at the heart of the construction process. This involves thinking about the space not only from the user’s point of view, but also from the owner’s point of view. Asking questions is critical, the more we know the more value we can offer. It makes such a difference when you cultivate a mindset of understanding, by taking a curious, creative and shared approach to our work, you become not just a builder but a real delivery partner.

The spaces that we create are varied and our human-centric approach has been proven on significant projects, across multiple sectors. We have connected the elderly to leading residential aged care facilities, providing new homes with access to first class care and community. We are proud of our achievements in this sector, having won two National MBA Awards for HammondCare, Miranda, and Cardinal Freeman Village, Ashfield. More recently, we handed over a first-of-its-kind aged care facility for the homeless in Darlinghurst.

We deliver high quality industrial buildings, from warehouses for manufacturers and transport businesses, to new commercial premises and sustainable workplaces of the future, to revolutionary new state of the art educational facilities.

Connecting people to beautifully designed, functional spaces where they love to live, and work is very rewarding. So too, is delivering projects that are iconic to the Sydney landscape and the communities in which we work, such as the conservation eco-experience at the Wildlife Retreat at Taronga, and the North Bondi Surf Life Saving Club which is one of Australia’s most famous surf clubs.

For us it’s not always about the biggest projects that we have done, it’s the ones that create special places and become icons within the community.

By investing in a deeper understanding of the client’s vision, we can achieve more meaningful results for everyone. In the words of our Managing Director, Mark Taylor, “I love it when the outcome is better because we have been involved.”


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