Specialising in project delivery for the Industrial sector, Project Manager, Anne-Kristin Kahra joined Taylor in 2017. Anne-Kristin studied a Business Management degree at the University of London before relocating to Australia to work in the construction industry. Moving between roles in Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney, exposed Anne-Kristin to all aspects of construction, enabling her to accrue broad industry experience. Starting out as a Graduate Site Engineer, Anne-Kristin moved into Design Management, followed by a stint as a Contract Administrator, and progression to Project Management.

Anne-Kristin loves the diversity inherent in her Project Management role. Project Managers are responsible for overseeing the Design and Construction process, liaising with the Client, appointing subcontractors, managing budgets, programming, safety control, and managing site teams. Multidiscipline site teams include Site Managers, Contract Administrators, Project Coordinators, Safety Advisors, and Cadets.

Anne-Kristin points to the Lion Dairy Facility at Chullora for Charter Hall as her favourite project. This Industrial project involved a new temperature-controlled distribution centre comprising offices, carpark, hardstands, and landscaping.

“I personally really like the Industrial sector,” explains Anne-Kristin Kahra, “it has a fast turnaround on projects, we can do a standard warehouse in 6-7 months. At the same time, projects like refrigeration distribution centres or data centres can also be very complex and challenging.”

The Lion Dairy Facility at Chullora is particularly interesting because it involved such complex and innovative refrigeration technology. It was quite a unique build.

“It’s a highlight in my career as it won a Master Builder Excellence in Construction Award in 2018,” notes Anne-Kristin.

Another rewarding aspect of Project Management is seeing the Client’s satisfaction at the end of the project. To Anne-Kristin, listening to your client’s needs, and delivering to a high quality are the essentials of effective Project Management. Hearing your clients say that they would love to work with you again is incredibly fulfilling.

What does it take to stay at the top of your game as a Project Manager? Anne-Kristin believes it is critical to communicate efficiently and effectively, not only with your team, but also with clients, subcontractors, and engineers. Each project presents a new team, as the Project Manager you’re always collaborating with new people. Your communication style sets the tone for how you are perceived, and you need clear objectives and strong teamwork to ensure a project delivers the most value for the client.

Anne-Kristin is a confident mentor to the multi-discipline teams she has led, her motivation is to inspire each individual and help them excel. With her sights set on a multi-storey warehouse project, a future Construction Management role, and continuing to combine a successful career with motherhood, Anne has an exciting career ahead with Taylor.

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Anne-Kristin Kahra, Taylor Constructions