Meet the Team – Jacquiline Cuizon, Cadet at Taylor

May 22, 2018

What is your background? What made you choose the Construction Industry as a career?

Whilst completing the HSC in my last year of school, I had to start thinking about choosing potential degrees and career aspirations. There I was, an ambitious 17 year old choosing Construction Project Management as my first preference. I had no idea what to expect or what this course involved but by reading through the degree outline I realised I could utilise my creativity, leadership and interest for the built environment. Construction is a challenging industry that faces ongoing issues but is equally rewarding and achieves fulfilling results – a perfect match to my interests and attitude.

I have never used the gender gap as a driving factor for my career in this industry, but rather looked at it as a way of inspiring other females in any industry who don’t believe they can compete in this space as a big motivation. By working in the construction industry, I believe this will allow me to be constantly challenged and provide me with an exciting career path where I can encourage anyone to pursue an industry based on what they are passionate about and without worrying about other contributing factors.

What is the most interesting aspect of the cadet program?

In the Taylor cadet program, you will never be in a career rut. Taylor caters to the needs of all cadets exposing them to different sectors in the industry and departments within the business. The rotational system allows adequate amount of experience for cadets to satisfy key learning areas. Your time spent on each rotation is maximised by the amount of work that can be taught to you from a diverse range of complex projects.

How do you manage study whilst working full time?

I don’t see study and work as two different things. When you work in the Industry that you are studying, it becomes extremely beneficial to both aspects – you use what you learn to assist your job and you use your job to aid your studies. I am surrounded by a wealth of experience and unlimited resources which works to my advantage by having the confidence to always ask for help.

How does Taylor support you in your ongoing learning and development?

In addition to the cadet program, Taylor offer a mentoring initiative that ensures constant self-development and not just targeting your career aspirations. Having a mentor who has been in the position I have been in has helped me to establish what my next steps are and what I need to do to achieve my goals.

Despite your position in the company, everyone at Taylor wants you to maximise your potential. The company is constantly rewarding and recognising those who put in the hard work which drives as a motivation to be a worthy asset to the company.

What is one piece of advice that someone has given you throughout your career or growing up that has stuck with you?

“Work hard. Tired is much better than disappointed.”  – This is something that was said by teachers throughout my schooling and I have always remembered it.

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