The new AMG Performance Centre is the first in the world stand-alone showroom for Star Auto Properties. The project includes the demolition of the existing Mercedes showroom and construction of a new two storey pre-cast and glazed showroom, whilst maintaining the existing workshop. Building elements include the use of pre-cast panels, lamellas which are designed to create a 3D aspect to the building façade, LED lighting recessed within to light up the building and cladding to the exterior. The internal works include new services, joinery, lighting and an asphalt floor to give the perception of being on a race track.

As this is located at the entrance to the domestic airport this creates maximum exposure for the AMG brand. A key feature of this project is the “eye” which is a glass window near the apex of the building, aiming to draw focus on the superior nature of AMG cars and intrigue visitors to enter and see what the showroom is all about.


Star Auto (Australia) Pty Ltd




$5.8 million


Current Project


November 2017