Taylor was awarded construction of the new Dealership and Service facility for Mercedes-Benz in Croydon. The facility is being built to the Mercedes-Benz Dealership guidelines for Lei Shing Hong, the largest Mercedes-Benz passenger vehicle retailer globally, and will be one of the first of its kind outside of Europe to be fitted-out according to the latest retail architecture from Mercedes-Benz. As a result, Mercedes-Benz Croydon will become the benchmark for future Mercedes-Benz retail facilities.

Upon completion, the facility will comprise six operating levels including split level basement, parking area, a sales and exhibition display level as well as upper levels for vehicle storage. The workshop on basement level will have a complete servicing facility with separate store for spare parts and each level will be linked via an oval-shaped ramp to allow vehicle movement between floors.

The site is positioned with large frontage to Parramatta Road providing it with high visibility to passing traffic. To take advantage of its location, the elevated façade will mainly consist of glass that wraps around the junction at Lucas Road to showcase the impressive internal exhibition of vehicles that Mercedes-Benz has to offer.

It is important to the client that the project be delivered with the utmost precision and quality to reflect the key fundamentals of the design. To address this, Taylor will interrogate the suitability of selected materials to ensure that they satisfy the ‘fit for purpose’ test, as well as life cycle requirements, serviceability, maintenance and those issues that may have an ongoing impact upon the operational efficiency of the facility. In addition, Taylor will continue to work closely with the Automotive Advisory Panel to contribute strong value engineering initiatives that will ensure the end-result achieves efficient operations, enhanced customer experiences and ultimately exemplify the quality of the client’s brand in the prestige motor vehicle market.


Current Project