Taylor is currently undertaking the Design & Construction of an industrial warehouse and surrounding areas for Stockland Development Pty Ltd. The project on a greenfields site comprises a 27,000m2 warehouse with a 2 storey 1,500m2 office attached. The warehouse has dado wall panel and wall sheeting above with a metal deck roof. Wall panels to the rear of the office are full height.

Stockland’s objective was to secure a tenant before proceeding with the construction which may have incurred a risk of price increases. Taylor assisted its client by committing to its original prices at tender stage. While Stockland was seeking a tenant or tenants for this building Taylor assisted by pricing various options for prospective tenants expressing interest in the building, including providing design mark-ups, and various cost options based on different staging and scope scenarios.

The building was originally located within the sewer easement adjacent the sewer, however, being located within the easement would have required extensive strengthening to the existing sewer and extension of manholes as well as the relocation of a vent pipe. Relocating the building, at Taylor’s suggestion, saved substantial costs and potential authority delays while awaiting approval, and in addition, the costs that may have been incurred while waiting. Taylor absorbed the preliminary costs associated with this redesign process.

During the early site works Taylor discovered additional rainwater from external catchments drained to the site. Taylor took the initiative to provide 2 design proposals with cost implications to the client to assist them. Both options were designed to be utilised in the client’s future development to adjacent properties and would be an investment in their future stages.


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