During this challenging time we need to support each other and it is always rewarding for our team to help those in need. We have teamed up with the Property Industry Foundation and Turner Architects to refurb the office space of The Girls and Boys Brigade – an inner-city youth homelessness centre that works with vulnerable youth and their families.

This unprecedented time has seen a sharp increase in enrolments to their programs as more people are affected by the loss of income with food security being a major factor.

This space will be transformed into an open and flexible area fostering more cohesion as they roll out their programs, including after-school care and holiday programs for families who desperately need their support.

Thank you to James Drury, Ben Folkard, Dean Fondas, Gary Shaw and Mat Murray from our team who have been generous with their time, managing the delivery of this project.

A special thank you to our loyal, and valued, subcontractors and suppliers – We could not have done this without you.

  • The Bluewater Group
  • Raston Group
  • Auzoom Interiors
  • Modena Ceramics
  • Rest Interior
  • Peter Kelly Flooring
  • Fire Fighting Solutions
  • Tycen Demolitions
  • Rodaux
  • ASV Contractors
  • Polytec
  • Thompson Bros
  • Better Walls Bricklaying
  • Ultra Building Works
  • Skheme
  • Milliken Ontera
  • Est Lighting
  • Waterlogic Australia
  • Allcott Hire
  • Bingo Industries

Tao Zhang, Raston Group and James Drury, Post Contracts Manager, Taylor

Theo Kyra and Elijah Austin, Ultra Building Works

Ben Folkard, General Manager F&R, Taylor, James Drury, Post Contracts Manager, Taylor, Stefan Lamour-Jansson, Executive Officer, Boys & Girls Brigade and Kate Mills, CEO, Property Industry Foundation

We are looking forward to seeing the end result in the next few weeks.

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