The expansion is set to increase hospital capacity from 460 beds to approximately 760 beds at completion of the project, with some additional shell capacity for future commissioning. This will be accompanied by an increase of over 60% in acute and support services capacity which will be hugely beneficial in accommodating the region’s growing population in years to come.

A Design & Construct project, works involve alterations and additions to Building D of the hospital to improve the efficiency and functionality of existing medical record archiving facilities, pathology and dental surgical services. Specifically, the proposed works include ground excavation within the existing under croft area of Level B2 and partial demolition of the Northern gabion wall, infill of the under croft space to create a new storey for archiving storage facilities for the Clinical Information Department (CID), internal alterations and refurbishment of Level B1, and internal refurbishment of the existing clerical area on Level 00 to accommodate a new pathology collection unit.

Taylor’s Fitout & Refurbishment division is excited to commence works on the facility from next Friday.

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