Last night two of our team members ventured out to the streets of Sydney City to participate in the Property Industry Foundation’s StreetSLEEP 2019 and raise funds for homeless youth on World Homeless Day.

Jacquiline and Rohan braved the miserable, cold, wet weather to replicate the situation of more than 44,000 homeless people under 25 in Australia who sleep outside on our streets every night. The successful event included a panel discussion followed by some trivia and entertainment before everyone settled down and prepared for the long, interrupted night ahead of intermittent rain and relocations.

Two key areas that our team took from the event were

  1. Acknowledgement is the first step to change; and
  2. If you’re worried about giving money, don’t be afraid to give rough sleepers your time – having a conversation gives them a sense of companionship.

Thank you to both Jacquiline and Rohan for volunteering to partake in this event to acknowledge and appreciate the serious issue of youth homelessness across Australia, we trust it was a valuable and unforgettable experience for all involved.


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