Finding initiatives and activities to positively connect with the communities in which we work and live is a key part of Taylor’s culture, and this runs through all parts of our business. As part of Taylor’s Cadet Program, we held a team building day where the future leaders of our business participated in ‘The Big Give’ – a platform that promotes causes and inspires people to give, using team building activities and initiatives.

The program involved our cadets to work in teams using their negotiation and communication skills to obtain (which could be through cash, asking for donations or working for) essential items that are needed by the less fortunate. All teams were given a luggage bag to fill with special bonus items such as bikes, toasters and kettles which could be earned through completing challenges.

Each item had points attached to them and the team with the most points won the challenge. All members embraced the day and we are proud to say that our team raised $2,000 along with the donation of each luggage bag for Variety, St Vincent’s and a Women’s Shelter that supports victims of domestic violence.

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