A Unique Apprenticeship Program

In collaboration with TAFE NSW, six apprentices in the School Infrastructure NSW Traineeship are gaining real-world employment experience with Taylor. Danielle Kaine shares her story.

Meet Danielle Kaine, Apprentice at Taylor. 

2021 was an unprecedented year. Completing Year 12 in a lockdown meant a virtual graduation ceremony, no University ‘Open Days’ and a big shift in the process for school graduates entering tertiary studies.  

It was time for me to explore my options, and navigate the beginning of my journey as a young professional. I was intrigued by the prospect of a career in infrastructure, and decided to pursue this interest in the School Infrastructure NSW Traineeship.

Tell us about the School Infrastructure NSW Traineeship – what’s involved? 

In the School Infrastructure NSW Traineeship, real-life work experience is complemented by my studies as I work towards a Procurement and Contracts Certificate IV. My week is split between practical experience at Taylor and my TAFE classes. 

The program requires a 38-hour commitment per week, or five working days (9:00am – 5:00pm). One of these days is allocated to TAFE classes, delivered via online lectures, and independent study. These classes are a highlight of the program – I will continue to attend them virtually over the next two years.  

How did you come across this opportunity?
I discovered the program at TAFE via Seek. They had advertised the School Infrastructure NSW Traineeship as a pathway into the construction sector. I’ve always been intrigued by property and construction – it’s an ever-evolving industry that’s critical to the success of our economy. With so many divisions – major builds, industrial, regional, live environments and more – you can carve out a career suited to personal interests.   

I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to gain work experience while I study. Every day is a unique opportunity to learn, and I have no doubt that the program will hold me in good stead as I eventually transition into full-time employment.

What are your motivations for working in this industry? 

I’ve had a long-standing interest in engineering – it seems natural to pursue a career in the construction and property space!  

I am conscious of the drive for gender equity in this sector. I hope that, down the line, I can inspire other women to follow their dreams and find their feet in male-dominated industries. As a collective, we can achieve so much more when there is diversity of thought, diversity of age, diversity of gender and diversity of heritage.  

What was the process of applying for the School Infrastructure NSW Traineeship? 

Step 1: Complete an online application and provide my resume. 

Step 2: Take part in a phone interview. 

Step 3: Completing a numeracy and literacy quiz – this completes ‘Stage 1’ of the process. 

Step 4: Take part in a second phone interview, answering behavioural questions. 

Step 5: Submit an online recording – answering three questions.  

Step 6: Receiving my apprenticeship offer.

What activities have you done at Taylor?
I’ve been fortunate to complete work at both Head Office and out onsite, with tasks ranging from data collection and management to reviewing Scope of Works. I continue to learn and grow as I go, and enjoy seeing the fruition of this work experience improving my studies.  

How does Taylor support your ongoing studies? 

I am surrounded by a wealth of knowledge and resources. I am supported and encouraged to constantly seek self-development – learning how to get from ‘Step A’ to ‘Step B’ in what I hope will be a successful career in this space.  

I am empowered to focus on my studies, and feel reassured that those around me truly want me to achieve my full potential. I look forward to the coming months with the Taylor team, and know that I will be better equipped for full-time work after this experience.