Building Networks at the Inaugural Future Connect Event Hosted by Taylor

Peer to Peer Professional Networking for Emerging Leaders in our Industry.

To foster collaboration and professional development within the industry, Taylor hosted its inaugural Future Connect event at our North Sydney Head Office. The event was designed to bring together young professionals from the industry, with The APP Group and MBM as our guests to provide a unique platform for networking, sharing ideas, and establishing valuable professional relationships.

While enjoying delicious refreshments throughout the evening, guests engaged in empowering conversations, drawing from each other’s diverse industry experience and insights. Attendees were encouraged to build new connections and share ideas with like-minded professionals from different companies. As part of the event, a representative from each participating company delivered a concise presentation offering an overview of their business’ core services, sectors, and projects.

A Taylor initiative, Future Connect aims to create a community of supportive professionals in the property and construction industry.

We would like to thank The APP Group and MBM for attending, and we are excited about the opportunities that the next gathering will bring.