“Candy Crane” assembled at North Sydney Public School

School students took part in a Name the Crane competition, with “Candy Crane” receiving the highest number of votes across all cohorts.

Meet “Candy Crane,” the newly installed tower crane at North Sydney Public School. The crane will be officially named as part of a ceremony with students in the coming weeks.

Engaged by School Infrastructure NSW, Taylor is currently upgrading North Sydney Public School. The overall project involves the delivery of 19 new flexible learning spaces, a new administration area, library and hall. The new upgrade will also feature a new covered outdoor learning area, renovations to the canteen, student amenities, a new entrance gate on Bay Road, out of school hours care facility, bicycle parking and end of trip facilities for staff.

Once completed, the school will seamlessly blend the mix of beautiful heritage, contemporary architecture and green outdoor spaces, as well as the capacity for an increase in student numbers from 869 to 1,012. Staff, students and the local community will benefit greatly from the upgraded learning spaces that will support the future learning needs of students.

001 trucks arriving at north sydney public school to install candy crane taylor
003 trucks onsite at north sydney public school in preparation of crane installation taylor 2
005 candy crane being lifted into place by truck onsite taylor 2
002 candy crane installed at north sydney public school taylor 2