Celebrating Kari Unity Day 2022

Yesterday, Team Taylor and UTS Built Environment Association Volunteers joined community leaders to celebrate Kari’s annual Community Unity Day, held at the Whitlam Centre in Liverpool.

KARI Limited’s Community Unity Event is an all-inclusive celebration of community and culture. Hosted annually in April, Unity Day aims to support Aboriginal people and community by providing a one stop shop to immerse themselves in cultural activities, one on one educative consultations, and community activations.

With culture at the forefront of planning, Unity Day also provides the wider community the opportunity to learn about and explore Aboriginal culture in an inclusive and supported environment.

Our Volunteers focused on engaging with young people to discuss pursuing studies and careers in engineering and construction management. It was great to see young people enthusiastically discussing their own interest in mathematics, for example, or future jobs in the construction sector.

As a business built on fostering meaningful relationships, Taylor is committed to partnering with organisations like Kari to help to increase cultural awareness, connection and opportunity across our own organisation. Connection to place and connection to people are fundamental drivers for our business and we would like to thank Kari for the opportunity to Volunteer and contribute to the success of Unity Day 2022!

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