Clive Hits the Dirt Roads for The Royal Flying Doctor Service

Taylor’s CFO, Clive Wickham, Sets Off on the RFDS Outback Car Trek with a Custom-Built 1970 Ford Mustang with 302 Engine.

Taylor is following the journey of our Chief Financial Officer, Clive Wickham, who has once again set off on the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) Outback Car Trek. Alongside his brother Phil, Clive has been continuing a tradition that spans over 15 years. Clive will travel from Bendigo to the Gold Coast in a custom-built 1970 Ford Mustang, totalling 3,898.1 km.

The Outback Car Trek is an annual charity rally that traverses the rugged Australian outback. It raises funds for the RFDS, which provides essential medical services to rural and remote communities. Over the years, the event has raised over $30 million, with participants like Clive contributing significantly to this cause.

Clive’s involvement goes beyond participation. His fundraising efforts and rallying support have been instrumental in the trek’s success. This year, as he navigates the challenging outback terrain, he carries with him the spirit of community and the shared goal of making a difference. A special thank you to our long-time supporters, CBA and Coverforce, whose long-standing support has made this trek possible year after year.

Stay tuned for updates on Clive’s journey and the collective impact of the Outback Car Trek on the communities it supports.

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