Embracing Diversity

Colour Blind Awareness Day Unites the Team.

In honour of Colour Blind Awareness Day on 6 September 2023, the team came together to support those in the business living with colour blindness to understand and recognise their unique experiences. 

As a kind gesture, team members baked treats, including a cake and brownies with black icing, to share amongst the team. Beyond the goodies, we embarked on a journey to explore the world of colour blindness. 

Colour blindness affects over 350 million people globally, roughly 4.5% of the population, with men being significantly more impacted than women. Notably, 1 in 12 men carry the gene, compared to just 1 in 200 women.

While colour blindness presents challenges, it also offers distinctive advantages that set individuals apart: 

  • Sharper with Shades of Khaki: Colour blind individuals often excel at discerning various shades of khaki, showcasing their heightened ability to perceive subtle colour variations. 
  • Camouflage Detection: In contexts like nature observation and military operations, colour blindness can be advantageous, enabling the effortless identification of camouflage patterns often overlooked by others. 
  • Military Eligibility: Specific military roles require colour blind individuals due to their unique capacity to spot camouflage and make crucial decisions based on this skill. 

It was a great opportunity to celebrate the diversity that enhances our world.

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