Emerging Leaders Championing Change

Taylor is dedicated to fostering the talents of future leaders within the property industry through the Property Council of Australia’s Future Directions initiative.

Future Directions is an initiative developed to support young property professionals under 35 years old, by providing pathways and networking opportunities through events, committees, research and learning. 

Driven by the The Property Council of Australia, Future Directions Committees in every state across Australia, formed from representatives under 35, create opportunities for young professionals to work together, build a network and develop their career. 

This new generation of young leaders drive real world change – striving to make the world a better place for our clients and communities. By leaning into their diverse experiences and backgrounds, they exemplify responsible leadership – one that accelerates business growth, prioritises the protection of the environment and ecologically sustainable practices, finds real opportunities to make a positive social impact and strives to ensure safety is kept top of mind by all.  

Congratulations to our Future Leaders – your service and leadership play a pivotal role in the work we do, and the value we create for our clients.  

– Aaron Persson, ESD Manager 

– Christina Succar, Cadet 

– Dylan Massad, Contract Administrator 

– Elijah Rendon, Accounts Payable Officer  

– Emily Carlton, People Relations Coordinator 

– Georgia Barnes, Senior Marketing Coordinator 

– Jake Michelutti, Contract Administrator 

– Jason Gikler, Site Engineer  

– Jason Hanna, Graduate Site Engineer 

– Nick Tsai, Cadet  

– Rushanth Kumaranathan, Finance Manager  

– Steven Stamateris, Assistant Development Manager