Framing the Future of Innovation

Bradfield City Centre’s Inaugural Building Comes to Life.

The First Building in Australia’s newest city is beginning to take shape, with significant progress being made over the past couple of months. Following the erection of the steel cruciform columns, the team has successfully installed the Glulam timber beams spanning across the columns of the office space and the central spine. On Level 1, Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) slabs have also been installed in the office space, and the first pair of Bondek slabs within the building’s core have been poured.

The extensive use of timber throughout the structure demonstrates how contemporary urban landscapes can be successfully represented in modern placemaking, while simultaneously meeting sustainability targets. Using CLT and Glulam timber beams will reduce the project’s overall embodied carbon emissions, with the timber structure designed for disassembly or relocation.

Works on the lower ground floor are also progressing well. The team have dug six meters below the surface to install the substantial 150 kilolitre Rainwater Tank at the south of the Manufacturing Hall. The core stairs between the Lower Ground and Ground Floor have been poured, enhancing the building’s internal connectivity.

2 glulam timber beams the first building bradfield city centre advanced manufacturing research facility taylor construction commercial
3 drone shot the first building bradfield city centre advanced manufacturing research facility taylor construction commercial

The team is currently preparing to commence the installation of the core building’s rammed earth walls this month, a key innovation of the project. Reflecting the natural landscape’s composition, the walls are formed from carefully selected raw materials including sand, gravel and other aggregates. The first of the air handling units will also be installed in the lower ground floor of the Manufacturing Hall, while the north building’s roof CLT and Bondek slabs will be put in place.

Once complete, the First Building will house the Advanced Manufacturing Research Facility, a high-tech facility with advanced manufacturing equipment and offices for research institutions and industry to collaborate. The First Building is targeting a Green Star Rating. Connecting with Country is at the heart of the design, taking cues from the surrounding natural waterways and Cumberland Plains.

Well done to our Taylor team for their hard work and achievements, we look forward to watching the building further come to life in the new year.

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