Huff, Puff, and Construct. Three Little Pigs Initiative Inspires Young Learners

Collaboration with Roseville Junior School.

As part of our Learning Partnership Program with Roseville College, Taylor collaborated with the curious minds of a kindergarten class at Roseville College. Embracing the lessons from ‘The Three Little Pigs’, the girls ventured into the world of building and materials, transforming the classic tale into a practical learning experience.

The students were given the task to design and construct houses out of cardboard that would be put to the test by the ‘big bad wolf’ who huffed and puffed but could not blow their houses down, with each house surviving the test of stability. Taylor was represented by Ben Folkard, General Manager Refurbishment & Live Environments, James Drury, Post Contracts Manager and Jacklyn Wickham, Senior Marketing Manager. Together they facilitated an interactive workshop. To captivate the girl’s imagination, the team showed a timelapse video of the Roseville College Sport and Wellbeing Centre, currently under construction next door. They watched the fast-paced movement of the crane and the flow of the concrete pumps which sparked a series of insightful questions and discussions.

2 ben folkard teaching roseville college learning partnership taylor construction education

The team provided a show and tell of real-life materials including concrete, timber, brick, plumbing pipes, electrical cables and more to demonstrate how we build resilient, safe structures while being mindful of our environmental responsibilities. James Drury built a model that provided a visual representation of building at its most basic level, starting from the ground and moving up.  Through the model, the girls learned about the importance of considering different environmental loads during construction, the use of cross bracing for wind barriers and the significance of shapes in architectural design. This made it a tangible experience for the students to help them understand why certain materials and shapes are chosen over others.

Following this the team interacted with the girls who proudly showed off their houses and discussed their design choices. The big bad wolf made a second appearance, and with the help of Taylor we helped to blow him away. Taylor presented each participant with a certificate of endorsement to acknowledge their creativity and hard work.

3 james drury model roseville college learning partnership taylor construction education
4 student house roseville college learning partnership taylor construction education
6 ben student roseville college learning partnership taylor construction education

It is initiatives like this that highlight Taylor’s commitment to inspiring future generations. By encouraging the exploration of construction as a rewarding career path and advocating for increased female participation in our industry, we are laying the groundwork for a diverse and inclusive future.

Congratulations to the kindergarten class on their success, Taylor is proud to support these early interventions in education that help promote careers within the construction industry.

Thank you to the teachers and parents for allowing us to be part of this initiative.