Not Just a Pretty Facade!

Connecting and designing with Country is at the heart of the First Building's design, taking cues from the surrounding natural waterway and Cumberland Plans.

Rammed earth walls are an integral part of First Building’s design to allow visitors to feel connected to the warmth, depth, and texture of the environment.

Using natural materials with strong sustainability credentials and low embodied carbon, First Building’s twenty-four rammed earth wall panels were constructed on site from raw materials.

Supported in a steel framework, the walls encase the office workspace core and provide an impressive entrance with four large wall panels in the central spine spanning almost the entire height of the building.

The walls are non-toxic, non-polluting, never needing to be painted or plastered.

With impressive insulation benefits, the walls help maintain a constant internal temperature, and at end of life, they can be broken back down and returned to the ground from which they came.

Source: Western Parkland City Authority

Rammed Earth Walls