Paving Career Pathways

Roseville College Students Engage with Taylor at a Careers Breakfast, Exploring Diverse Roles in the Construction Industry.

As part of our Learning Partnership Program with Roseville College, Taylor hosted a Women in Construction breakfast for students in Years 10-12, exploring various careers available in the construction industry.

Four Taylor representatives, Floriane Trazic, Project Manager, Sylvia Lee, ESD Engineer, Jade Biazzo, Cadet, and Olivia Losurdo, Marketing Coordinator, shared their career stories in an engaging panel discussion. Offering valuable insights into their respective roles, the Taylor women discussed how they began in the industry, their daily tasks and responsibilities, and what it is like to balance work and study.

The panellists also provided guidance and advice to students who may be uncertain about their career choices, emphasising the importance of continuous learning. Olivia highlighted her non-traditional entry into the industry, conveying the multitude of pathways students can explore to enter this field.

The Taylor team talked about the important contributions of women in the construction industry and discussed the supportive and encouraging environment that exists for women in a traditionally male-dominated field. They also outlined Taylor’s initiatives, including the Taylor Women in Construction program, aimed at enhancing female representation and engagement in the industry.

Following the panel discussion, students were able to engage directly with the Taylor women and ask questions while sharing in breakfast.

It is initiatives like this that highlight Taylor’s commitment to inspiring future generations. By encouraging the exploration of construction as a rewarding career path and advocating for increased female participation in our industry, we are laying the groundwork for a diverse and inclusive future.

2 olivia and sylvia roseville college careers breakfast taylor construction education diversity
3 dean floriane jade roseville college careers breakfast taylor construction education diversity
4 girls and panel roseville college careers breakfast taylor construction education diversity


Careers are ever changing, and I learned more about each of the roles significantly. It inspired me and I think that it might be interesting to explore those careers further.


It was nice to talk to people in the industry, especially someone who studied architecture recently as she told me what the course was like.


Each panelist said it was crucial to just attempt a job – give it a go. Many of them said that their year 11/12 subjects didn’t entirely affect jobs they entered, and I found that this was important to me, because I was quite stressed that the subjects I choose now would limit my potential career options and pathways.