PCA Future Directions – The Great Debate: To DIY, or AI?

Emerging leaders attend captivating debate on ChatGPT’s Future in the Property Industry, supported by series sponsor, Taylor.

On Thursday 20 July the Property Council of Australia NSW Future Directions Committee hosted their annual debate at The Establishment in Sydney’s CBD. Six of Taylor’s young leaders attended the engaging discussion on ChatGPT’s Future in the Property Industry: To DIY, Or AI? – a highly relevant topic, not only in property, but also for a variety of large-scale industries in Australia and across the world.

Each team battled it out on the stage presenting several convincing arguments and opposing ideas for and against AI, delving into areas including design efficiency, regulation and IP, work/life balance, and output accuracy. The discussion was so compelling that it resulted in an even split amongst our Taylor team. However, in the end, it was the DIY team who managed to bring home the majority votes and win the debate. Our emerging leaders shared their key take-aways:

Mike O’Neill, Design Manager

A key takeaway for me was the point regarding the importance of ensuring the accuracy of the information generated, but also understanding that as AI platforms develop further, their level of accuracy should also improve. AI can improve our working efficiency, spending less time on menial tasks and more time on the work that really makes a difference, the hope is that this will result in better work life balance throughout the industry.

Georgia Barnes, Senior Marketing Coordinator

AI is an incredibly powerful resource which we will need to learn to embrace as technology continues to evolve… Whilst very appealing to employ right away, there are still concerns surrounding legality and regulation of its uses. This is complex but should be addressed before we can truly leverage off its potential.

Matt Postle, IT Security and Services Administrator

Team AI, mainly because of my own knowledge on the topic. My key takeaway is that the main fear people have of AI is “taking their job” especially if their job is typing heavy.

Dylan Massad, Contract Administrator

Although AI may increase efficiencies in particular industries, there is always an element of double checking the work being produced for inconsistencies and errors. AI can be used in certain industries to fast-track specific processes but may not always be the solution to carrying out people’s jobs.

Rushanth Kumaranathan, Finance Manager

We need to embrace technology and I am always looking for ways to improve efficiency in all processes, both business and personal. However, AI is still a ‘tool’ therefore we need to validate information and still use judgement and common sense to a certain extent without relying on it 100%.


Well done and thank you to all speakers for the captivating debate – Jet Geaghan, Steven Cassells, Amy Williams, Tommy Chen, Kiah Lingwood, and Mia Thornton.

Taylor is a long-standing and proud series sponsor of NSW Future Directions, represented on the committee by Senior Marketing Coordinator, Georgia Barnes. Investing in our next generation, Future Directions is an initiative developed to support young property professionals under 35 years old, by providing pathways and networking opportunities through engaging events, committees, research, and learning.

Thank you to our Taylor attendees:

  • Dylan Massad, Contract Administrator
  • Georgia Barnes, Senior Marketing Coordinator
  • Jake Michelutti, Contract Administrator
  • Matt Postle, IT Security and Services Administrator
  • Mike O’Neill, Design Manager
  • Rushanth Kumaranathan, Finance Manager