Powerful WHSE Seminar Delivered to Team Taylor  

It’s important that safety is kept top of mind by everyone who works with Taylor.  

Ultimately, safety is a shared responsibility and, as part of Taylor’s continuous commitment to workplace health and safety (WHSE), our senior leaders delivered a powerful seminar on the importance of a safe, inclusive environment.  

Moderated by CEO George Bardas and Head of WHSE, Andrew Andreou, attendees heard from Executives on their personal commitment to WHSE, in addition to guest speaker David Crawford who discussed the physical and emotional challenges he faced after a workplace accident, before playing a pivotal role in workplace safety reforms. 

Jerry Fanos, Stephen Williams, Chris Bellemore, Ben Folkard and Phillip Bermingham demonstrated their commitment to strengthening Taylor’s positive safety culture, and emphasised the dual ownership for workplace safety across site, project and senior leadership. Encouraging the reporting of safety opportunities, the panel expressed their support for speaking directly with all onsite workers regarding the continual improvement of safety systems and processes.  

Phil Bermingham said, “Safety has always got to be the top priority. If it’s a call of productivity over safety, then safety must always come first.”  

George Bardas added, “Safety always comes first. We need to look after the construction worker next to us, always assessing what risks are present and how they can be managed. We share a collective responsibility to risk management and building strong safety outcomes.”

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Touching on his experience of both WHSE and personal resilience, guest speaker David Crawford shared his powerful story with seminar attendees. Through resilience, perseverance and determination, David has played a pivotal role in the formalisation of workplace compensation and site fencing reforms. 

Bringing the seminar to a close, Taylor’s Michael Ettrick, Damian Fisher and Hazem Gergis discussed a new safety reward initiative currently in trial, as well as the importance of clear information dissemination amongst larger teams to ensure ownership over smaller, specific tasks.  

Taylor would like to thank Taylor’s panelists, David Crawford and Mates in Construction for sharing critical WHSE insights and learnings. Click here to learn more about Taylor’s commitment to safety. 

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