Raising the Flag for Mental Health

Taylor's Eastern Creek Site Joins the Cause.

In a powerful show of support for mental health awareness, Taylor’s Eastern Creek Site participated in MATES in Construction Fly the Flag Day, raising an impressive $1,355. This day held special significance as it coincided with R U OK? Day, emphasising the importance of conversations with friends and colleagues. R U OK? and MIC advocate for the power of simple conversations, highlighting that checking in and having a chat can make a significant difference, even saving lives.  

Taylor’s Eastern Creek Site embraced this message by actively participating in Fly the Flag Day, which aims to raise awareness and funds for mental health initiatives. While the site couldn’t physically “fly” the flag, the team came together to showcase their support creatively. The enthusiasm of the Taylor team was evident as they engaged in fundraising activities throughout the day.

By participating in events like MATES in Construction Fly the Flag Day, Taylor prioritises the mental well-being of its team members, reinforcing the idea that meaningful conversations can make a difference in supporting mental health.