Rolling Up Our Sleeves for a Worthy Cause

Team Taylor Partners with the Australian Red Cross Lifeblood to Save Lives.

Team Taylor is proud to partner with the Australian Red Cross Lifeblood to make a meaningful impact in our community. Our team has now completed two blood donations since December 2023, helping to change 27 lives of those in need.

Blood donations play an essential role in supporting Australia’s healthcare professionals, and can be used in over 25 medical fields. Giving blood is important in the treatment of diseases including cancer, anaemia, stomach and kidney conditions, as well as the management of trauma and surgeries. Blood donations can also be administered to help cases associated with pregnancy and young children. Australia needs over 1.7 million donations every year to meet demand, yet only 1 in 30 people donate. 

Thank you to our team members who have participated so far. We look forward to completing more donations throughout the year!

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