Celebrating Excellence

Seven Years of Taylor's Annual Awards Program.

Over the past seven years, the Taylor Awards program has evolved into a prestigious occasion that recognises excellence within the company and provides the team an opportunity to get together. 

This year’s awards program featured four Major Awards, aligning with the company’s core principles: Listen, Include, Create, and Excel. This strategic shift allowed for a more focused and meaningful recognition of outstanding contributions. 

The judging process saw the introduction of a newly appointed annual Awards Committee. This committee was formed to ensure objectivity, diversity, and inclusivity. It comprised representatives from diverse roles across the business to provide a well-rounded perspective when evaluating nominations. 

In a testament to the company’s team culture, Taylor received an impressive 208 nominations across the four categories, highlighting the talent and dedication within our people. These nominations led to the choice of 16 finalists, who were all acknowledged in the lead up to the event. With an engagement rate exceeding 80%, the active participation of employees was highly successful. 

Congratulations to all our finalists and award winners. This event celebrated Taylor’s evolution, commitment to excellence, and the remarkable individuals who continue to drive the company’s success.