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Constructing a Sanctuary of Care.

The Estia Health care home in St Ives has recently achieved some significant milestones. Firstly, the structural steel and lightweight Colorbond roof installation is now complete. This achievement is a significant milestone as it protects the building from adverse weather conditions, allowing us to continue construction even in inclement weather.

Additionally, the installation of façade cladding and windows is currently underway on all three levels of the building, which will not only enhance the aesthetics of the structure, but also contribute to its functionality and durability.

The prototype rooms and display suits have been completed, giving potential residents a preview of the final product and a feel for the intended finishes. Producing this prototype was a crucial part of the process so that the overall quality and design of the care home could be showcased.

1 prototype room estia st ives taylor construction aged care

Internal works and services installation is well underway. Currently, approximately 30 out of 116 units are in the roughed-in stage. In these units, we have started the installation of gyprock sheeting, wet area waterproofing, and tiling. The ground floor amenities, which include the commercial kitchen, cool rooms, and admin spaces, have completed the initial phase of finishes. This phase encompassed activities such as wall and ceiling framing, services rough-in, and the installation of wall linings. We are pleased with the progress made in these areas and look forward to further developments.

2 internal unit estia st ives taylor construction aged care

Lastly, on June 17th, the crane was safely dismantled. This achievement marks a significant milestone for the project, as the crane’s removal allows for increased accessibility and progress across the site.

3 crane dismantle estia st ives taylor construction aged care
4 crane removal estia st ives taylor construction aged care

Once complete in October 2023, the development will offer varying levels of care to support residents in diverse stages of life, including a dementia care specific area