A Decade of Commitment: Celebrating Dino’s 10 Years at Taylor

Honouring Dino Severin, Our Exceptional Site Manager.

Taylor is proud to acknowledge and celebrate the valuable contributions of one of our esteemed Site Manager’s, Dino. For ten years, Dino has played a significant role in the successful delivery of many construction projects, embodying dedication, expertise, and steady commitment.

With extensive experience spanning industrial, commercial, and large-scale education projects, Dino is a seasoned construction professional. His expertise has been instrumental in the successful delivery of various projects across Taylor’s portfolio, including the Nimco Warehouse in East Fairfield, Stockland Ingleburn Stages 1 & 3, Buildings 2 & 3 of Horsley Business Park, Actron Air, 50 Norwest Boulevard, Picton High School, Lot 21 in Eastern Creek, and the award-winning Australia Post Distribution Facility.

Reflecting on Dino’s journey with Taylor, one cannot help but be inspired by his relentless determination and tireless work ethic where his commitment to projects has known no bounds. Dino always ensures that every detail is meticulously attended to, encapsulating his steadfast dedication to excellence.

Beyond his exemplary work ethic, Dino’s impact exceeds the realm of construction. He has a remarkable ability to foster a positive and enjoyable environment, infusing our worksites with his unique brand of humour and camaraderie. Often, his humour brings levity to even the most demanding situations. Yet, beneath this light-hearted exterior lies a colleague who consistently demonstrates compassion, support, and a willingness to lend a helping hand. Dino is recognised amongst his teams as a friendly character who gets along with everyone and is not shy about debating issues to find the best solution. He confidently leads with experience, guiding his teams through challenging projects while inspiring everyone to exceed expectations and maintain high morale.

Dino holds himself and his teams to the highest standards, setting meaningful targets and achieving greatness with every milestone. His wealth of knowledge and passion for his work is palpable, serving as a driving force behind the successful completion of numerous high-quality outcomes.

As we celebrate Dino’s remarkable tenure with Taylor, we extend our deepest gratitude for his decade of service. His unwavering commitment, valuable insights, and enthusiasm have left an enduring mark on many team members. Here’s to Dino, a true pillar of our team, and to many more years of continued success together. Congratulations on this remarkable milestone, Dino!

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