Celebrating Amanda Bruhn’s Traineeship Award Nominations

From Trainee to Cadet, A Personal and Professional Evolution.

Congratulations to Amanda Bruhn, Cadet, for her Apprenticeship Careers Australia nomination as Trainee of the Year and becoming a finalist for the Women in Trades – Trainee of the Year Award.

Amanda’s career journey began in 2020, when she was searching for a job after high school. While looking for jobs across various industries, Amanda came across School Infrastructure NSW’s Traineeship Program. She applied for the Project Management Traineeship, thinking the program resembled events management, which she originally intended to pursue a career in. Reflecting back, Amanda states it “was a very big shock to the system” when she discovered her traineeship was in the construction industry.

The traineeship spanned two years and involved rotations through three sectors of the construction industry. Completing her first rotation at Taylor, Amanda gained insights into project management and the industry while working on a New Build Project. During the traineeship, Amanda successfully completed her TAFE NSW Certificate IV in Project Management whilst organising Program-related events and assisting with fundraisers for Mates In Construction.

Amanda Bruhn

I did not expect to enjoy working in construction, but once I started, I absolutely loved it. The teams, the projects, always new things to learn, and no two days are the same…My rotation at Taylor gave me a really warm welcome to the industry and future pathways.

Following Amanda’s Graduation from the Traineeship Program earlier this year, she joined Taylor as a Cadet while commencing her Bachelor of Construction Management (Honours) at Western Sydney University. Currently working on Taylor’s Eastern Creek Site, Amanda undertakes various tasks within her team, gaining knowledge and experience in contract administration, site management, and project engineering.

Taylor is committed to developing future leaders by providing employment opportunity and professional development experiences that support and complement related external studies. As part of this commitment, Taylor works with the Department of Education through School Infrastructure NSW’s Infrastructure Traineeship, providing future employment pathways, education, and skills for school leavers wishing to pursue careers in the infrastructure sector.