Celebrating James Drury’s 10 Years of Excellence

Recognising a Decade of Outstanding Service.

Today we highlight James Drury’s impressive ten-year mark of dedicated service with us. This momentous occasion not only symbolises longevity but also speaks volumes to the commitment and exceptional contributions that James has made over the years.  

Throughout his time at Taylor, James has been a pivotal figure in our Post-Contract Management division, demonstrating a significant level of expertise, professionalism, and leadership in his role. James’ achievements in this capacity have been nothing short of outstanding. 

In the sphere of post-contract works, James has consistently demonstrated a keen ability to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in post contractual programming and coordination. His precise approach and tireless efforts have consistently yielded projects of the highest quality, reflecting his steady devotion to excellence. 

James has been pivotal in overseeing many of our internal systems to maintain Taylor’s strong reputation and relationships with our clients and the quality across our projects. More recently, James has championed the implementation of Tools within the business to set new standards in quality and best practices, integrating cutting-edge quality systems practices to ensure excellence in every project. 

Beyond the worksite and into the classroom, James has also made an impression on our Learning Partnership Programs and is passionate about inspiring future generations. Most notably, James helped to facilitate an interactive workshop for kindergarten students at Roseville College. Embracing the lessons from ‘The Three Little Pigs’, the students ventured into the world of building and materials, transforming the classic tale into a practical learning experience. 

Outside these responsibilities, James embodies a set of professional attributes that have endeared him amongst clients and colleagues. His hardworking nature, combined with an incredibly high level of patience, reliability, and accountability, serves as a shining example within our broader team. James’ calm demeanour, effective time management skills, and skilled conflict resolution abilities further contribute to his reputation as a skilled professional. He consistently represents our company with integrity, embodying our core values in every interaction. It is for these reasons that James has been the recipient of both our Behind the Scenes and Peer Leadership awards at Taylor.   

As we celebrate this special milestone, we wish to thank James for his commitment and profound impact on Taylor. His contributions over the past decade have been invaluable, and we look forward to many more years of continued collaboration and shared achievements. 

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