Cultivating a Resilient and Emotionally Intelligent Workforce

Emma Jacob, Director at The Culture Movement, joined Taylor’s Women in Construction (TWIC) program to lead a collaborative workshop focused on building Emotional Intelligence and Self Awareness.

Women in construction are driving significant change across our business and the industry. Emma Jacob, Director at The Culture Movement, joined TWIC attendees to explore the evolution of the world of work and the way we live, detailing how we can create a meaningful, authentic and inclusive workplace by strengthening our emotional intelligence (EQ).  

EQ is directly correlated to career and leadership success, health, relationships and happiness. By strengthening our EQ, we are better equipped to manage differences of opinion, influence others, put ideas forward and build resilience – in turn enabling our own high performance and influential leadership, while fostering positive wellbeing within the workplace.  

001 twic attendees laughing at resilience and self confidence workshop taylor
002 angelia and emily laughing at twic workshop taylor

This workshop was a wonderful opportunity for Team Taylor to identify behaviour patterns and develop strategies that cultivate bravery, vulnerability, self-compassion and tenacity. By learning to navigate difficult emotions, we are better placed to develop authentic relationships with our colleagues, and those around us.  

Taylor wants to see more women in the construction workforce, more women pursuing careers in STEM and more female role models in senior leadership roles. We look forward to hosting similar workshops and professional development opportunities in the future, as we prepare our future female leaders for ongoing success. 

Many thanks to Emma Jacob for her warm presentation, as well as those who worked in the background to bring this event to life. 

“Yesterday, I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today, I am wise, so I am changing myself.”- Rumi