Preserving Heritage at The Scots College

Installation of the complex sandstone archway takes centre stage as a rich design feature of the John Cunningham Student Centre at The Scots College.

The sandstone archway entrance to the library is an intricate component of the build, with the keystone – the top stone in the archway – the largest and most complex stone Gosford Quarries has manufactured in 20 years. An imperative component of the keystone’s installation was perfect alignment, an impressive achievement that took close to 8 hours to complete!

In keeping with the Scots Baronial design, the College’s rich history and traditions will be reinforced through the use of traditional materials, styles and techniques of the period. The Taylor team worked closely with the architect on pre-construction design to meet the vision of the project whilst maintaining the functionality and value of the building.

005 wider shot of keystone being lifted by crane taylor scots college school

A significant component of the project is the site’s brickwork, with walls constructed at an unconventional 500mm thickness as opposed to the standard 230mm. Approximately 450,000 bricks will be used to bring these structure to life which will be covered with a lime render system. Bespoke bronze windows produced in England will complement the student centres unique walls, with three containers in transit to Sydney for installation.

The sandstone used on the John Cunningham Student Centre is local to Sydney, repurposed from a high-rise development situated in the city district. Named 200 George after the location from which it was quarried, the sandstone has superior colour and strength characteristics which have led to its use in prominent buildings across Sydney.

004 workers on scaffolding against ocean backdrop taylor scots college school

We are delighted to use these existing finishes while maintaining the integrity of the site’s design.

On completion, the John Cunningham Student Centre will create a new, accessible learning and study environment that delivers several key benefits to the school community. We look forward to bringing this impressive space to life.