Safety Rewarded

How 'Scratchie' is Transforming Construction Site Culture

At Taylor, safety has and always will be the highest priority. A safe work environment not only protects the well-being of employees and contractors but also enhances overall project efficiency and success. Recognising the need for a more engaging and rewarding approach to safety, Taylor has introduced ‘Scratchie’ – an innovative app designed to incentivise and celebrate safe behaviour on construction sites.

Co-founded by industry veterans James Kell and Garry Mansfield, Scratchie emerged as a result of their commitment to improving safety standards in construction. A decade ago, Kell and Mansfield embarked on a pioneering journey, piloting ‘Scratchie’ a printed scratch-cards solution that rewarded safe practices and behaviours. This concept has now evolved into a digital solution set to change safety practices on construction sites.

Scratchie’s contribution extends beyond safety compliance, transcending into areas of enhanced productivity and site cleanliness. The app’s ability to engage workers in the safety process not only reduces accidents but also fosters a culture of responsibility and accountability. The result is a workplace that thrives on collaboration, communication, and collective well-being.

96% of workers have shown a preference for working on Scratchie-enabled sites. This response to the app showcases a positive influence on the overall work environment and as the industry continues to evolve, Scratchie stands as a positive example of how technology and innovation can unite to make safety not only a priority but a rewarding experience for all involved.