Taylor Inspires UNSW Students with an Insightful Lecture about the Scape Kingsford Project

Peter Yamin and Christina Succar provide valuable insights to Construction Management and Property students.

Team Taylor recently joined UNSW Construction Management and Property students to discuss construction methodology and procurement management of the Scape Kingsford project.

Peter Yamin (Project Director) and Christina Succar (Graduate Site Engineer) presented to students an overview of the 18-storey student accommodation project, detailing key initiatives adopted, challenges encountered, and the procurement process.

The guest lecture began with a comprehensive company profile of Taylor, whereby ­­­Peter highlighted Taylor’s extensive experience in the construction industry, iconic projects delivered, and company-wide diversity and community initiatives. Following this, the pair explained the construction methodology and key initiatives adopted at Scape Kingsford, exploring various aspects including demolition and earthworks, the building’s structure, the curtain-wall façade system, and the final fitout and finishes. The students were particularly fascinated with some systems featured on the project, including the logistics and planning behind the jumpform system which allows for efficient construction processes.

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Students then received unique insights into some of the challenges encountered during construction. ­­­Christina explained the main obstacles such as boundary to boundary restrictions, removal of contaminated materials, working near live overhead powerlines, airspace restrictions, and the project’s proximity to the light rail. Additionally, ­­­the pair discussed the procurement management and processes of the project, outlining the buildings 5-Star Green Star rating, requirements of the head contractor, subcontractor selection process, and key factors to consider when selecting materials.

To end the presentation, ­­­Christina detailed her personal experience in Taylor’s Cadet and Graduate Program, educating students about the diverse career paths available in the construction industry. Peter also discussed the structure of Taylor’s Cadet program and the key learning areas and activities it comprises.

The lecture proved to be an informative and engaging session, equipping UNSW students with real-world knowledge and inspiring them to pursue careers in construction.

Located in the bustling heart of Kingsford, Scape Kingsford comprises student accommodation, retail and commercial spaces, basement parking, and communal areas. The 5-Star Green Star building will set the benchmark for quality student accommodation upon completion.

Many thanks to UNSW, Benson Lim, Peter Yamin, and Christina Succar for making this event possible.

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