The Blacktown Stage 2 Multi Storey Car Park forms part of the Blacktown and Mount Druitt Hospital’s Expansion Project in response to the rapid projected increase in service demand in the Western Sydney Local Health District.

The project involved the construction of a new carpark which has been designed to join into the existing stage 1 structure to increase the spaces available and keep up with the demand that the new hospital expansion will provide. The carpark has five split parking levels at the south and six parking levels at the north which provides a further 620 car spaces, 27 motorcycle spaces and 24 bicycle racks. One additional lift and three stair cores also form part of the building services and systems which enable the carpark to operate.

This new carpark is the state’s first to include parking navigation technology with red and green lights to help drivers find the closest available space, making it more convenient for patients and their families who are visiting.

The existing Hospital Campus and multi storey car park surrounding the site remained in full and continuous operation throughout the course of the works. This was one of the most important project considerations in the planning of the delivery to ensure that the team reviewed current procedures to align with a heightened level of interface in a very public environment. Multiple communication channels were established to ensure all stakeholders were kept informed.


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