A dynamic construction and property partner connecting people and spaces.

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Safety. Our First Priority.

At Taylor, safety is always our first priority. It is the strongest mantra in the business. Safe practices are also about the health and continuity of the whole business. Bringing a human perspective to site management is very important at Taylor. Afterall, in construction and property, safety is all about sending people home each day...

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The Design Difference

When it comes to Design at Taylor, our delivery process ensures focused collaboration across our teams to achieve our client’s vision. We deliver over 80% of our projects through a design and construct model, from concept to completion. The design management process, when managed correctly, not only ensures the construction phase commences on the right...

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Team Taylor, Better Together

For 25 years we’ve been building the Taylor family and our growth and development as a company has also seen us recognised by our people as an Employer of Choice (2019) in the construction industry. Mark Taylor’s philosophy for the business has always been that if we get the company culture right internally, then great...

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Healthy cost control and providing peace of mind.

Cost control is, arguably, the biggest failing in the construction and property sector. It’s not as simple as it sounds and encompasses the concepts of budgets, stakeholder commitments and forecasts. Fundamentally, if you don’t have a budget for something then you have no cost control. Effective cost control starts right at the beginning of a...

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Latest Projects

Taylor design, construct and develop diverse projects for all sectors from project inception to completion across NSW.

Our Principles

Taylor is a dynamic construction and property delivery partner, with a clear purpose - connecting people and spaces to meet their needs. What has made us truly stand out in the eyes of our people, clients and business partners, and what is fundamental to the way Taylor does business and the culture we have built over the years are our principles.