Taylor has been contracted by CBD One to complete upgrades to Charles Plaza, an individually listed, art-deco heritage building located at 66 King Street, Sydney. Works involve refurbishment and restoration of the existing heritage features along with upgrades to all 14 storeys. Taylor will also create additional floor space within the plot boundary, replace existing lift cars and interiors as well as extend lift access to basement and the level 14 rooftop.

Upon completion, the Plaza will be renamed to the ‘ACA Building’, the original title from when it was first constructed for the Australian Catholic Association. It will have upgraded retail and lobby spaces located on the basement and ground floors, office space on levels 1 to 13 and tenant facilities on level 14 comprising breakout areas, a ‘wellness room’ and an outdoor terrace with operable walls and roof.

It is important to CBD One that the project be delivered to a high quality, both on time and within budget. To address this, Taylor has provided detailed design and value management advice during the ECI phase.

  • As a result, the design team has successfully presented various high quality solutions within the client’s budgetary requirements including the following:
  • Selection of a suitable, in-situ, proprietary shear wall system capable of having exterior finishes applied before being lowered into place and concrete being poured.
  • Coordination of all services and special requirements to ensure that the available net lettable area is maximised.
  • Selection of finishes to meet the quality and budget required for the development.
  • Guidance on proposed rectification of existing major building elements to comply with construction codes, such as fire stair balustrades and replacement structure and structural bracing for the Wellness Room.

Taylor’s design team has also sought to increase the commercial grade of the building for the client. This has been achieved by an overall upgrade to the building’s services, vertical transportation, heritage and non-heritage finishes along with the maximisation of available lettable floorspace.


CBD One Pty Ltd


Sydney, NSW


$40 million


Current Project

Date Anticipated

January 2020