When it comes to our commercial strategy at Taylor, our approach is quite unique. While the industry can be known for fairly aggressive approach to contractual issues resolution to primarily protect one’s own interests, our mantra at Taylor is to achieve what is best for the project, best for the Client vision, and best for the end-users of a space. We see this as crafting a win win scenario.

Best for Project. It’s a company mantra, and 90% of the time we achieve it. It is a very collaborative approach. We’re proud to be known as ‘nice’ to work with, this is how we want to be known. Our whole team works very hard to build supportive, non-litigious partnerships.

In commercial engagements, it is critical to us that we understand all of the issues, the project parameters, and any associated company risk. Even with the best intent, there is a light and shade to commercial negotiations and we always ensure we get the appropriate stakeholder involvement up front.

We listen closely to project stakeholders from the very start of an engagement. Our aim is to gain a deeper understanding of our client’s vision, in order to foster better outcomes for the end-user. We then come up with a clear strategy for managing people, to achieving those outcomes. It’s a very bespoke and tailored approach, it’s different for every Taylor project and for every part of our business.

With our deep knowledge-base and broad project experience, we aim to come up with a better approach for each and every client, better even than the one that may be presented to us. We don’t take anything as a given. And if COVID has taught us anything, it is that nothing is certain.

When dealing with legal certainties, you still need to effectively manage the things you just can’t foresee. There will always be issues and challenges within a project, and this is where our best for project approach facilitates win win scenarios – whether it’s strategy, resourcing, restructuring, or elevating to other levels of management to resolve a problem.

To better deliver a best for project approach, at Taylor, we’ve cultivated ways of working that foster agility and diversity of thought.

We have monthly reviews with each project, where we reflect on how we’re tracking against agreed KPIs, and adjust activities accordingly.

We have a flat structure and an open door policy. Commercial issues come straight to Stephen to resolve, meaning we can take action very quickly. We promote transparency, in reporting, and in communication. It’s about not being afraid to raise an issue.

Autonomy and responsibility are championed in Taylor.

Crucially, we believe people need autonomy to be effective. Stephen, and everyone on the job, has a mandate to do what needs to be done. It’s about being able to achieve your job without being held back. Being a private company allows us to achieve things faster. Autonomy and responsibility are definitely championed in Taylor.

“When negotiating the challenging ends of a project, I focus on the things that are important, and building trust always comes first,” says Stephen, “Ultimately, we want clients to achieve their vision, we want them to trust us with repeat business, and we want to achieve high quality outcomes for the end-users of a space”.

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