In partnership with School Infrastructure NSW, Blue Visions and the School Community, Taylor was honoured to attend a very special Welcome to Country and Smoking Ceremony to commemorate the opening of the new facilities at Parramatta West Public School.

Performed by the Darug People, the ancient Aboriginal custom was presented to welcome students and staff and cleanse the area, and as a sign of respect for Aboriginal elders and community.

The Aboriginal Heritage Interpretation Strategy conducted on this project was also celebrated,  highlighting the significance of the sunshades, interpretation boards and yarning circle footprints that are incorporated into the school’s design. The ceremony concluded with a light afternoon tea and an opportunity to appreciate the new school facilities.

The project at Parramatta West Public School has delivered a new building with 16 new permanent learning spaces, a new multipurpose hall, canteen and a new administration facility on the northern site. As well as two refurbished permanent learning spaces and improved recreational and play spaces on the southern site.

Taylor is proud to have delivered this new educational facility at Parramatta West Public School.

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